Saturday, October 21, 2017 New Social Networking site like FaceBook that Pays Bitcoin?

Everyone knows that Facebook is the first and foremost social media networking platform in the world that is used by millions of people (more than 2 billion as of now) around the globe. Even the founder(s) of facebook never ever imagined that it would grow to this extend to its present stature when they actually invented and launched it in 2004. Facebook is one among the hundred (98) in the fortune 500 companies list and it is listed in the Forbes Magazine also. Seeing the unprecedented growth and popularity of facebook, a number of individuals and companies (probably cleverer and smarter) founded similar platforms but could never outstrip it nor even follow it closely. 

Members are the strength and asset of any online platform. That is why most online advertising and earning portals allow membership even to free members (who do not pay any membership fee). A good number of social networking websites similar to facebook took birth and offered revenue-share (a portion of its daily income got through advertising and Google Adsense) to its active members. However they could not set a trend like facebook.

Now a new website by name (just like facebook) is launched with a social platform and it offers revenue-share in bitcoin to all its members who are active on it. Its title is marked as a social network for crypto fans. As it is brand new (just a couple of days old) its working and paying mode are yet to be ascertained in the days and months to come. 

But its initial appearance and working appear to be a better place for online advertising of websites/blogs and business links with like-minded online net-work marketers and entrepreneurs...!

If you want to be a member of this new Social networking and sharing online community that offers revenue-share in bitcoin, please click this link and Register. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain in the event it achieves its targeted goals...!


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