Saturday, December 9, 2017 Low-cost, Easiest and Best Opportunity for Passive Income

There is a belief in most people that internet is a good employer who helps to generate huge income with little or no investment and efforts. Hence there are millions of people world-wide who search the internet with a hope of finding some easy and simple earning opportunities that require no (or little) investment and less work.

It is a fact that there are many people who make a lot of money (unlimited passive income) through simple activities, working smartly leveraging the power of 'Network'. But to establish a wide network of internet marketers, one has to strive hard. And the ones who are successful today might have invested lot of time, energy, effort and ideas to build a powerful network of like minded persons who would work and indirectly help them earn huge residual (passive) income.

If you search Google or Yahoo for 'cheapest, easiest and best passive income opportunities', you will get tens of thousands of search results with many keywords such as 'guaranteed', '100%', 'very easy', 'free', etc. But after joining many such 'opportunities' only one will begin to understand that most of them will be unpractical and undoable. However hoping they would yield some results later, many people mainly newbies will use all their might and promote heavily these so called 'guaranteed' programs and fail to find any results. However their efforts and investment if any will be an advantage for the persons who referred them..!

There are several areas through which people can earn money. Blog writing, Affiliate Marketing, article writing, etc are some of them that enable one to earn some free money, with regular part-time work from home as a freelancer. To make passive money with only initial effort and some investment, many people join multilevel marketing and online matrix cyclers etc. These are also known as 'lazy men's work and 'average Joe's opportunity' etc.  It is important to find your 'niche' before entering in to any works. If you want to make internet marketing your main area of work, I suggest you to follow certain things in mind until you learn something.

1. See everything with suspicious eyes, particularly those offers that are too attractive and alluring to resist. (All that glitters is not gold). Now-days many scammers are using very beautiful scripts to make attractive websites to lure gullible people and cheat them. 

2. Don't believe in offers such as '$1000s per day free, without any investment'.. No one will give anything free unless he gains something bigger from it.

3. Don't invest any money (or more money) until you learn things to some extent.

4. If you want to join something with small investments, prefer onetime investment plans only. There are several opportunities that require monthly recurring investments. These are meant for veteran marketers (who have tools and network) and the amounts they receive every month also is very huge.

5. It will always be good if you join under an enthusiastic and dedicated leader to get benefited greatly from his/her work. 

Here I wish to present an earning opportunity by name which I have joined recently as it appears to be an affordable and risk-free one, and the earning potentiality is also very big. The plan seems to be unique and sustainable. Membership is completely free and the initial investment to become eligible to enter the matrix is a purchase of $5.00 advertising. And the beauty of the plan is that every member who buys $5.00 worth of ad pack will get back 3 power start bonus of $1.50 each totaling $4.50 credited in his/her account wallet. That means 90% of the investment is paid back instantly..!

The $5 purchase can be made with all major payment processors like PayPal, Payza, STP, Credit Card, Bitcoin etc. And earnings also can be withdrawn through any of these means of the member's choice.

There are different stages in it starting with $25 worth 'gold' pack. The other stages can be covered (through upgradation) with the earnings in the wallet. In the second stage the 'silver' pack can be brought with $20.00 from the earnings in the wallet. Here also $18.00 will be credited back to the wallet in the form of 'power start bonus'. As they assure earning to every member without any selling or sponsoring, in my opinion it is an ideal opportunity for all the online opportunity seekers. In the worst scenario of not achieving the goals or earn any money, the maximum risk will be only $25.00.

If you wish to join 10xbitcoin, you can click the below link and join by clicking 'get started now' button. As I am a dedicated worker, chances are there for all who join my power TEAM to get a lot of spill-over referrals and money.

Best Wishes and Happy Earning.

Monday, November 13, 2017

How to Become a USA Certified Hypnotist Online easily and fast?

Hypnosis is the state of consciousness through which a person loses the ability to act voluntarily by own inner self prompts and becomes responsive to suggestions or directions from external commands (others). 

Hypnotism means the science or study or practice of hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and 

A hypnotist is a person who has gained or acquired knowledge and skill to perform the mesmerizing art of hypnosis on others either for clinical treatment or for entertainment.

Sufficient knowledge of hypnosis and ability to perform hypnotism will be an added advantage for professionals like Teachers, Soft skills Trainers, Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Registered Medical Practitioners, Counsellors, Neuro-linguistic Programmers (NLP), Social workers, Pastors etc. There are many individuals also who are having a strong inclination to the science of hypnotism and wish to make it their career. As it is inconvenient and impractical for working people to attend physically a college or institute to get training, and the fees levied by most reputed certified hypnotism training centers and trainers is very high, many interested people are finding difficulty to fulfill  their wish becoming a certified hypnosis trainer.

Here is an amazing news for all category of persons interested to master the rare art of hypnotism and or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) easily and quickly online without going to any institutes or universities nor paying big fees. It is from the top International Academy of Hypnosis by name 'American Alliance of Hypnotists'. Online training materials and coaching will be given under the supervision of world-famous Hypnotic Practitioner Dr Steve G. Jones who has over 20 years of vast experience as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, both teaching hypnosis to tens of thousands of students and working with numerous clients including international celebrities. 

It is a great boon for all Hypnosis (Hypnotism) and NLP enthusiasts throughout the world. Thanks to this amazing online learning opportunity by Dr Steve G Jones, one can master the various levels of hypnotherapy sitting at the comfort of his home or office anywhere in the world, without wasting any money or missing other important works. To join this fabulous opportunity and become a basic or advanced master practitioner easily within a short time (hours), click the below link and join immediately.

Learn and Serve... Best Wishes for a Bright Career....!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Most effective and proven way to lose weight within days

There was a time in the past, when body size and weight was considered as a matter of self prestige in some parts of the world and communities. But the over sized and heavy weighing persons only know the amount of agony, inconvenience and insult they suffer in personal and public life. Today it is widely understood that obesity is a disease and a sign that requires immediate and serious attention and necessary steps should be taken to lose over body weight and keep good body health. 

There are several reasons for the growing number of obese persons in the world. Even children are seen developing obesity at very young age itself. The present day food habits and life-style are considered as the main causes for this disease.

If you are a person suffering from obesity, or if some of your dear one is affected with over body weight, do not panic, there is an easy and fast remedy to overcome this disease. It is a proven and 100% guaranteed method and it is from none other than Brian Flatt. 

When it comes to shredding that pesky body fat, sometimes you have to step outside the box. That’s exactly what Brian Flatt recommends. Brian is an expert fitness trainer and nutrition guru, and he recently shared this tip with the world that has been working incredibly well for his clients. 

This seemingly silly and childish activity can do wonders for toning the midsection and ripping through body fat. There is a reason he included it in his famous 4 Week Diet program, which is highly recommend by fitness experts. His clients have got INSANE results from this. 

Brian says, Stop EXERCISING and Eat DONUTS To Lose Fat! As life is all about balance and harmony. Especially when it comes to one's body and overall health. The fact is, some people just get too crazy about their diet that it ends up having a negative effect on their health. It is something to be aware of, and a huge part of Brian Flatt’s 4 Week Diet program. 

He talks extensively about balance, varying up one's diet, and not being too hard on yourself in the process. Everybody naturally wants to feel great. If you want the body of your dreams AND want to enjoy the journey, It is HIGHLY recommend you check this out. Please Check the link below to find out why eating DONUTS is good for FAT LOSS! You’ll be amazed! 

If You Love Cheese? This Will Blow Your Mind… grilled cheese sandwiches..! Cheese lovers unite! Today is a glorious day for health and dieting. I recently came across scientific research that proves that eating cheese can increase fat loss across the board. And this isn’t coming from someone with no industry experience… It was discovered by Brian – a world renowned fitness expert, trainer, and nutritionist. He compiled all of his research into a definitive dieting guide that is bound to change your life. And everyone's life... It’s called The 4 Week Diet which is used by thousands of happy customers (both men and women) who after attaining best results highly recommend it... to the whole world.

Note: If this information is not of much use to you, please forward/share it to someone whom you know is struggling due to obesity.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 New Social Networking site like FaceBook that Pays Bitcoin?

Everyone knows that Facebook is the first and foremost social media networking platform in the world that is used by millions of people (more than 2 billion as of now) around the globe. Even the founder(s) of facebook never ever imagined that it would grow to this extend to its present stature when they actually invented and launched it in 2004. Facebook is one among the hundred (98) in the fortune 500 companies list and it is listed in the Forbes Magazine also. Seeing the unprecedented growth and popularity of facebook, a number of individuals and companies (probably cleverer and smarter) founded similar platforms but could never outstrip it nor even follow it closely. 

Members are the strength and asset of any online platform. That is why most online advertising and earning portals allow membership even to free members (who do not pay any membership fee). A good number of social networking websites similar to facebook took birth and offered revenue-share (a portion of its daily income got through advertising and Google Adsense) to its active members. However they could not set a trend like facebook.

Now a new website by name (just like facebook) is launched with a social platform and it offers revenue-share in bitcoin to all its members who are active on it. Its title is marked as a social network for crypto fans. As it is brand new (just a couple of days old) its working and paying mode are yet to be ascertained in the days and months to come. 

But its initial appearance and working appear to be a better place for online advertising of websites/blogs and business links with like-minded online net-work marketers and entrepreneurs...!

If you want to be a member of this new Social networking and sharing online community that offers revenue-share in bitcoin, please click this link and Register. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain in the event it achieves its targeted goals...!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

How to earn FREE Bitcoins Surfing, Clicking and viewing Advertisements?

There are several legitimate, honest and easy methods to earn bitcoins and dollars online without any investments. Mostly FREE Opportunities will pay only a small amount of money like cents of dollars or satoshis of bitcoins. But there are many smart persons who increase their earnings into many folds by recruiting (referring) other new free members under them and get a passive income from their downline's earnings. [But before making searches or joining any programs that offer unusual amount of bitcoins, beware it may be a scam and some cheaters may be  hiding behind the show to steal your money, time and personal informations]. 

There are thousands of genuine advertising websites that collect money from advertisers to show their ads. These websites need people to click and view these ads. In the process of watching advertisements, some persons who are interested to make a purchase may do so and the advertiser will be benefited out of this. Websites offer certain amount of their revenue income in the form of dollars and or bitcoins to their members who click or surf these ads and give the required number of clicks/visits to the advertisers' websites or links. This is a win-win situation for both the site owners and the members.

Now-a-days, there are a good number of people who are working seriously and making money online from home or office through these free means spending some free time everyday. Those who have understood the technique will earn huge amounts by smartly joining many persons in their team and earn commissions (though small) in many levels deep. This means of earning online is not unlawful or illegitimate. And some even pay a small share to these advertising portals and get a higher revenue-share daily.

If you are interested to make free online money without any investment or financial risk, you can join these tested and proven online advertising portals that pay their loyal members regularly. As mentioned above, even if the amount you earn daily may be less, by referring others through sharing your referral links on facebook, twitter, online classified sites etc you can increase your earnings gradually.


Every member who clicks and views minimum 10 ads of other members will get daily rev-share. You can click and view more ads and get more credits which you can convert to cash everyday. If you have some websites or links, you can post them here and get quality visitors also. This owner is a honest person and pays every genuine member when the earnings reach $10 or more via one of the payment processors listed in the back office like Payza etc.


Unlike the above site, it is a surfing site. Members need to surf minimum 10 website (maximum 100) daily to get the daily revenue share. Rev-share is paid through bitcoins when the minimum reaches 30,000 satoshi. Can earn much more by referring more members. Can get views (known as traffic) to any websites or links you own.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Earn FREE Bitcoins Easily and Quickly without any investment

Bitcoin is gaining more popularity these days. Still a major portion of the world population is ignorant about this crypto-currency that has created a stunning record growth within just few years of its inception. Even many people dealing in the financial sector do not have any awareness of this new digital currency which is rising beyond the limits day-by-day. Bitcoin shortly known as BTC is the currency valued at the highest rates of all world currencies today. 

One Bitcoin (1 BTC)  is worth about $1200 today. It is believed to be founded and published by Satoshi Nakamoto on 29th October, 2008 and it was released in January, 2009 as an open source code.  In 2010 its value was less than a cent when it came into circulation for the first time and rose slowly to $0.08 cents by 2010 end. By April 2011, the value of one Bitcoin rose to $1.00!

From then onward, the worth of bitcoin increased slowly until December, 2013 when suddenly it leaped very high to above $1000. From then onward, it started to receive the attention of Online Marketers and global business persons. It is opined to grow upto $10,000 a coin within few months/years and may even reach $50,000 within some years.

Bitcoin which is not owned or governed by any countries or governments has no one to control it. It is operated by people known as miners. It is said to be the safest and easiest currency and the cost of transferring it from one person to another is very less comparatively.

Now Bitcoin has been considered as a favorite thing to be possessed by one and all who comes to know about it. The rich are buying and keeping it to sell it when the price rises. The poor and the average Joe who cannot afford to buy some, are searching for easy ways to earn as many bitcoins as possible without any investment or hard work.

If you want to earn Bitcoins, You can do so by doing some simple and easy online tasks such as solving some captcha codes, surfing /clicking/viewing some ads, doing some funny things on some websites etc. The remuneration is paid mostly in Satoshi or mBTC which are the smaller fractions of bitcoins. After Earning some Satoshis, you can invest them wisely on some huge Forced Auto-fill Matrix Opportunities like (with a onetime donation of 0.0002 BTC or 20 cents) and try to earn Bigger amounts [upto a whopping 2000 BTC] by referring others and/or getting spillover referrals from the uplines and team.

Please check this Link for the easiest and Free Bitcoin Earning Opportunities.

Warning: Do not be cheated by scammers who create bogus websites and lure innocent people with big offers. There are many such websites that runaway with the money/effort/info of people.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Best Low Minimum Paying CPC (PPC) and CPM (PPI) for Publishers

Bloggers and Webmasters, Easily Make your Blog/Website a Money Making ATM machine for FREE! Join these Easy and High Paying hot CPC/CPM opportunities, place a widget (banner) and get paid...!

There are tens of thousands of people who are engaged in blogging. Some are attracted to this field as it is their passion to express their views, opinions or thoughts, or to make the world know their special skills, talents and interests. But a larger portion of the bloggers are in this field for earning some substantial money, being at their homes through their blogs. As many talented people are making huge money through their websites or blogs, more and more people are attracted to this field and are developing passion for blogging. 

Immediately after creating a Website or Blog, most people dream to make a lot of money by placing and running Google Ads on their sites/blogs. But Google Adsense Ads are granted to blogs after verifying many criteria like the age of the blog, content and quality of the posts etc. After getting adsense account approved and adding the adsense widget on the blog only the blog owner will realize that it is not an easy task earning money from adsense as he/she thought. 

While very few big websites and blogs with good traffic manage to make money as expected every month, the small blogs with low to average hits will have to wait for many months (or years) to reach the minimum payment threshold of $100 fixed by Google to pay its publishers. Many normal bloggers are disappointed by this long wait and cancel the adsense ads and seek for some other advertising network who approve small and medium website and blogs and pay them for running their advertisements on blogs or websites.

Here I wish to mention about some top portals that pay website / webpage owners and bloggers to run their ads and pays out immediately. 

1. Ajiboye / Monkey Business Web Hosting System: This company offers fastest website construction and allied services at very competitive prices. They have an affiliate marketing opportunity that pays its affiliates referral commission also. 

Ajiboye pays website owners and Bloggers 0.10 cents per each click that received to the banner added to one's webpage or blog. (Fraud clicks will be detected and No cheating tolerated..!) When the earning reach at $1.00 (just 10 clicks), the payout is sent to the publisher through his/her Paypal account. This PPC (CPC) is much better and higher than that Google is giving to its publishes. So, you can join Ajiboye Business as an affiliate and try to earn some passive money by placing their banners on your webpage. If anyone clicks on your banner and buys any products or services, you will receive affiliate commission for life also. So this is a win-win opportunity.

To Join, Please Click this Link:


2. #1 Profit Ring: This is an online money making portal by a globally reputed and honest Admin named Maryanne Myers who is a PHP Programmer + Internet Marketer + Web Designer + Network Owner since 1998.

#1 Profit Ring helps anyone with a decent webpage make money for each impressions served to the webpage where the banner (widget) is pasted like this: This is Pay per Impressions (CPM) Opportunity. There is built-in counter. You will be paid $1.00 for every 1000 times your webpage is shown. Minimum Payout is only $5.00. Paid through Paypal or Payza account. If your webpage receives 1000 unique visit everyday, you can make more than $30.00 passive money every month.  This is indeed a very "Lucrative Idea"...! 

* Join #1 Profit Ring:

* Login and Copy and Paste the "Earning Web Ring" on your webpage like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 

* Withdrawal requests are processed every month when the Earning balance reaches $5.00!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get Paid for your Opinions - Best, Legit, Honest Work from home Surveys

Get Paid more money for giving your Opinions. Best, Legit, Honest, High Paying Work from home Survey Companies/agencies

Many people are now-a-days making use of the various online opportunities available on the internet to earn substantial amount of money working at their convenient times, being at the comfort of their homes, without going to any offices. There are a number of opportunities available to make money. While some of them are genuine and honest, there are also a good number of opportunities that are fake and cheating. So anyone searching for genuine and easy work at home programs should make a thorough study before joining or deciding to buy them.

Taking short surveys or giving one's own personal opinions on various products, institutions, decisions, governments, establishments, etc is one of the easiest and most popular method to make as much money as one needs. Many people are preferring to participate in survey opportunities as it can be done as per one's convenience. There is no target to complete certain amount of surveys and it is up to each individual how much surveys to answer according to his/her need for money. 

There are several agencies that hold surveys on various topics to know the people's real pulse and mind. They are hired and paid huge sums by the corporate firms, organizations, institutions etc. It is the botheration of these survey agencies to invite people from all walks of life to participate and to express their views and opinions on the given topic. Those people who respond and answer the questionnaire are paid by these agencies for their time and participation. Participation in most survey agencies is free. But to find out the best and high paying agencies is a Himalayan task. 

There are many web portals that offer to provide best paying survey sites. As mentioned above, some are fake known as scams. They give false promises and deceive the members. But some are genuine and dependable. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are making a lot of handsome money working smartly whenever they wish, with the help of these mediator agencies. They spend a lot of their time, money and energy to collect and provide a vast list of high paying survey companies. For this service, they charge a very small onetime fees. As they are reputed agencies, they give a 100% refund of the money (without any questions) if anyone is not satisfied with the services they provide.

Here we are listing some of the honest and reputed companies that facilitate to arrange the easiest and well paying opinion survey firms. You can click the links and join them and order an online pack and start making money as soon as you wish. If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied, you can claim for a full no-question-asked refund within the stipulated time period like 90 days or 60 days. The company is so sure that, nobody will demand for a refund as the product they are selling is loved by one and all. Please check the testimonials.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Get FREE WiFi INTERNET, MNC Shares, stocks, Profits, Jobs, Money for ALL

------------ Sorry this is no longer available----------

Getting FREE Hi-Speed Unlimited and uninterpreted Internet everywhere without any charges or fees is a dream for the majority of the international community as the present internet charges are affordable only for a small percentage of the global population. But the global telecom giants that control the Internet and mint huge profits will not let anyone work for the fulfillment of this great thing which has become a basic need of the hour. 

When such a situation is prevailing, an American visionary by name Vashek Mohr has emerged as a global hero with an innovative mission and plan to make Internet a 'Basic Right' for all the people living under the sun. He has developed a Historical project to make internet a people's own property world-wide. He incorporated a corporation in the US by name Comm Hubb with 2 of his like-minded associates. According to his novel and noble idea, whoever joins hands with his team for the realization of his dream project, will not only receive Hi-speed Unlimited WiFi / Broadband Internet for life, but also 5 FREE ownership shares of the company, stocks, profits, money, jobs (if needed), etc etc...!

As CommHubb is an international people's project, it is expected to emerge like (sometimes above) Microsoft, Google, Facebook, twitter etc. The golden offer of the founders of CommHubb

to give away free shares, money and other services may be limited to all the lucky persons who join hands with this great movement until the company launches in a full-fledged manner in all the countries in the world soon. 

By just Joining (Registering) FREE this company, every person in the world is getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is NO investment, NO upgrading at all, NO qualifications, NO conditions to be a share holder co-owner of a MNC. Some people may hesitate to accept it, as it is too good to believe..! 

As there are a number of fake firms appearing online and disappearing suddenly, People will find it bit difficult to digest the opportunity. There are strong and valid proofs for all our claims and projections.

One can increase the number of his/her FREE shares (an money) by 'sharing/referring' this opportunity with others. After Joining, one can use his/her social media portals like FaceBook, Twitter etc to share the personal referral link. By referring using own referral link, one can get 2 shares and up to $1.00 for each person in the down-line for 5 levels deep...!

Warning: Please don't cheat by creating fake accounts.

What is the nature of the work a Free member has to do?

Actually a member is NOT expected to do any regular work or task. Just Click the link and Register. Verify his/her E-Mail ID. And login to the account back office whenever possible to know the developments / updates of our company. Our company will not send frequent e-mails to its members in accordance with its policy. 

(If any account is found not active for a long time, it may be removed). 

Enjoy all the privileges and benefits offered by our company by just being a valued member. It is desirous (not mandatory) to share this amazing offer with as many persons as possible. As sharing will increase the revenue of  'our' company and of course your shares, earnings and profits...!

JOIN and Check for more detailed Information and proofs:

[Sorry for the inconvenience, this website is shut, unable to run]

Note: Payouts are made through PayPal which is the most secure, easy and fast digital payment processor in the world. If you don't have a PayPal account, please create one with your personal e-mail ID. It is free and very easy. You can use this account for paying and receiving money globally life-long.

Click the below link to create PayPal ID:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is Crowdfunding? How to Raise Money through CF Easily and Fast?

Q. What is the meaning of the term 'Crowdfunding'? 

A. Crowdfunding is an innovative concept of gifting / donating directly certain amount in one's individual capacity for another person's need or venture. This noble cause was started in the USA and UK sometime back and is spreading to the the other European countries and to all the countries in the world.

Q. How can I make (raise) some funds for my personal needs? 

A. It is explained in detail below. Please read carefully till the end. There are many web-portals that enable you to make money through 'crowdfunding'. But what I am going to suggest below is easier, faster and unlimited.

Q. Can we raise huge amounts of money through crowdfunding for the start-up of some mega projects? 

A. Yes, there is no limit for the donation one can receive. It depends upon the estimation of the project / campaign. 

Q. Can I earn sufficient money for starting / running my charity? 

A. Yes. 

A. Is the money collected, completely free? 

A. Yes. The money is collected in the form of gifts and donations. It is NOT debts or loans. If you have earned enough, you can donate the rest to the other needy.

Q. Is accepting online donations through crowdfunding websites and portals is legal?

A. In most of the countries it is legitimate and more and more countries are making it legal.

In this post I wish to clear the doubts of the common man about 'crowdfunding' and its workable methods and probable success. All the above questions will be addressed below.

We see the rich people these days are depositing their (black) money (mostly earned in illegal ways) in Swiss banks which will never be of any use to them or their children or the society. And most of the honest people throughout the world are becoming very poor as they have no funds for the start-up of a business or an institution or an industry or some projects for their lively-hood. We hear the news of many innocent farmers and debt-ridden people resorting to extreme steps of committing suicides as they lose all their hopes. Even all the banks in countries like India entertain only the rich people or those people who can manipulate things falsely, and offer them huge loans and extend all supports to these people only, against the very purpose and guiding principles of many financial institutions. There are many poor people with amazing ideas who are unable to implement them for want of sufficient start-up money. 

Along with the development of the internet and social media based activities people are using them for many good causes also. Majority of the people on the earth have a generous heart with a mind to help. Thanks to the support of many websites, blogs and online portals, anyone from any corner of the world can accept donations for any of his/her needs or wants. It may be for a purely personal need or for a public / social cause. 

Here I wish to share such a company's website and the methods of using it which will enable a person or an organization to post his/their campaigns or projects and receive money in the form of gifts and donations in two ways.

The Name of the Company is Online Sensor ( According to the promoters and information available in their website, it has opened its offices in USA, Singapore and India. It is in the process of opening many offices further in other countries also...!

How to Make Money (raise funds) for your personal needs such as, clearing debts, agricultural expenses, buying / building a house, buying a car, children's education, marriage expenses, medical treatments, starting a school / hospital / project / industry, starting and running NGO (charity) like orphanages, old-age homes, widow-centers, mental asylums, construction of Churches / temples / mosques, maintenance of ministry / Missionary activities, etc ... etc... 

Easy Step-1: You need to click the website and 'JOIN' (Register) it by filling all your details. registration is absolutely FREE. In the 'Project' choose your favorite project or needs for money. After successful FREE Registration, you can login to your back office and 'create your campaign' which will be scrutinized by the Admin and posted online enabling you to receive funds. There is no cost for this as the site owners deduct some percentage as their service charges while paying the beneficiary.

Another way of Raising funds to your needs is by sharing / referring this concept with other people who need money. For referring and joining others you need a website with your personal 'username'. For getting your own website, you need to make a ONE TIME donation of $5 (Rs.325) to your sponsor's project (that is mine). When you voluntarily donate $5 for my campaign, your account is upgraded (activated) and you can refer other people with your website. When you refer one person, he/she makes a donation of $5 (Rs.325) to you and you receive your entire investment (after reaching the minimum criteria). There are seven levels and the system automatically upgrades your positions in all the levels by deducting the money you receive by the contribution of the referrals in these levels.. 

How to make Money by helping / sharing / referring this '5 Dollar' Opportunity to others who are also in need of money?

Step 1. Click the link and Join:

Step 2. Upgrade with Rs.325 ($5) Only one time. This is your non-refundable gift to your sponsor.

Step 3. After up-gradation, log-in to your account back-office (dashboard) and find your referral link with your username. Join / Refer this to all people who need money. (If you and others in your team refer 4 people each, the money you make will be huge in seven levels)...! If you join more than 4 persons in your team, the fifth person will be placed under your down-line and it will be a help for him also.

Note: This is an easy earning plan. The plan and mission of 'online sensor' appears to be not scam and is risk-free and hence no liability. As you join one person and when he activates his account, the full joining money of $5 (Rs.325) will be added to your account (up liner). Hence, even if you help (bear) your down-lines upgrade fees, neither you nor he loses anything. And when he gets donations and makes money through crowdfunding, you also get benefited.

Warning: For any reason, if the above projections or calculations fail, or something happens with the company, promoters or the system one day, you or anyone who upgrades should be prepared to suffer the lose of $5 which is the maximum risk one can incur.

Wish you Happy Earning...!