Sunday, January 19, 2020

Receive Direct M2M Crowdfunding! Start with only $5! Honest proven

Most online opportunities that assure 'guaranteed income' show its real colour after some time and prove to be a scam. So most average online income seeking people like me who have joined many such portals will be disappointed and will be sceptical to accept new opportunities with unbelievable offers!

I have joined many low-cost income opportunities in the past that appeared comparatively risk-free or has very low chances of risk. While I could make some money through some portals which are running successfully for many years and paying promptly, the number of scams I joined and deceived me are more in number. Many webmasters who are just con men appear with attractive websites and irresistible promises. But within a short time after duping many gullible people like me and gaining the expected advantage, they disappear.

Here I am promoting a new crowdfunding opportunity which I joined recently. It is from a honest admin with whose website I was a member since 2017 and received some money. Now he has updated and changed the income plan and relaunched in 2020. Earlier it was a two dollar ($2.00member to member instant and direct paying system through USD with the same domain (pays4ever), now as Bitcoin has gained prominence, and the amount being received is too small, he has increased the start up cost from $2 to $5. All other plans are the same. 

Click the banner or referral link and join my team in Pays4Ever. After joining, activate your account with a onetime out of pocket amount of just $5.00. As this system has a forced spill over plan, there are chances for persons in my downlines (my referrals) to get lot of spillover referrals (no guarantee). I strongly recommend all members who join through my referral link in my power team to use their resources to get some referrals for the sake of the weak members. So that all in members in our power team (power leg) will receive donations!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Turn your $1.00 into $ Millions! Absolutely Risk-free Income in 2020

An absolutely risk-free earning system Just Launched. A New International Income Opportunity with an innovative strategy.  The Cost to join is only $1.00 (out of pocket). But the potential earning is marvellous.! Up to a whopping millions!

You may laugh at me. But as I join and promote risk-free and easy online income earning opportunities, I have decided to give it a try. Whether DazlinDolla is another scam or honest and genuine business, time only will prove. But as the maximum risk is just $1.00, I strongly recommend all who badly need money urgently to take advantage. As the possible profit is very huge!

Four Levels of massive earnings are available with Instant Advertising. Earnings are Paid Out Instantly in Bitcoin with No Requesting or waiting for Payouts. System works in Complete Advancement On Automation!    

Stage 1 In 4 Stages: You Earn $126,157 and Your Sponsor Earns $105,100  Stage 2 In 4 Stages: You Earn $2,021,664 and Your Sponsor Earns $1,089,000. Fully Automatic Upgrades To Other Levels But You Can Upgrade Higher Anytime!    

Highlights:   Matching Bonus Maximum Out at $1 Million! If you wish, You Can PIF Your Best 10 Or More referrals! [By paying it Forward for your down-lines, you speed up your earnings!] 

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Best wishes....

Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to get Low cost Premium Noni Juice? What are its benefits?

Noni juice is made from the fruit of Morinda (Noni).  Noni Contains all the vitamins and minerals in a phenomenally high concentration.  It is especially rich in antioxidants, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, as well as magnesia, calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus, vitamins A, C, K and group B. What makes the fruit especially valuable is the combined effect of 140 vital substances, these are enzymes, flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, carbonates and others.

  The most important components that cannot be found in other fruits in such a concentration are nevertheless the alkaloid pro-xeronine and the cancer-destroying damna-cantal - an inhibitor of the "ras-function of the cell," that is, the cancer gene.  In the intestine, the proxeronin alkaloid is converted by proxeronase into the xeronin enzyme, which is the most irreplaceable biologically active substance for our cells, for transport proteins, hormones, enzymes and antibodies.  Xeronine makes sure that our tissues do not turn into a garbage dump of degenerative or dead cells, due to which inhibition of inflammation and aging occurs.

  The antioxidants contained in Noni juice protect the body from degeneration of cells and diseases such as cancer.  Flavonoids regulate the permeability of blood capillaries
  Thanks to Noni-PPT (the union of biologically active substances in the fruit: polysaccharides, amino sugars, proteins and amino acids, etc) Immunomodulation occurs, that is, strengthening the immune system without triggering its increased reaction.  In total, the fruit contains over 400 different constituents.


Noni juice has a beneficial effect on:

 ? Immune system: Noni juice contains antioxidants that enhance the natural ability of the immune system to resist diseases and infections.
 ? Circulatory system, tissues, cells: Noni juice is an excellent antioxidant that helps remove harmful free radicals from the body.
 ? Digestive System: Noni Juice promotes proper digestion and absorption of more nutrients at the cellular level.
 ? Skin and hair: Noni juice contains components that are especially important for skin and hair.  It also promotes the entry of nutrients into the skin.
 ? Cleansing the body: Noni juice helps cleanse the body of toxins and poisons (smoking, alcohol, air and water pollution, the use of drugs).
 ? Efficiency (energy) of people engaged in physical labor, athletes:
 ? Noni juice significantly increases the efficiency and concentration of attention in students. 
 ? This is a good help to the body when changing seasons.  ? Noni juice makes up for the lack of nutrients in pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.  Elderly people become energetic and cheerful!
 ?  Thanks to Noni juice, the formation of building proteins is activated, while the process of cell renewal returns to normal.  With an increase in cell activity, the composition of blood and lymph improves, and immune defense is strengthened accordingly
 ? The most important biologically active substance is still proxeronin.Proxeronin in the human body is converted to xeronine.  Released xeronin repairs damaged cells

 Noni Juice Properties:

  ? Noni Juice exhibits strong antioxidant activity, due to which it is able to influence the ageing process of the body, rejuvenating it and improving well-being and appearance;
  ? It has the ability to prevent the development of malignant neoplasms, and in some cases to suppress the growth of cancer cells;
  ? It Helps normalize blood pressure
  ? It Restores and helps regulate sleep;
  ? It helps in the management of diabetes, types 1 and 2
  ? It helps with neurosis, depression, mood swings, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome;
  ? It is used in the management of allergies
  ? Effective for relieving pain, especially headaches, joint, menstrual, migraine
  ? Helps with respiratory diseases, is widely and successfully used in the treatment of asthma, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis;
  ? Improves digestion, enhances intestinal motility, is effective for gastrointestinal upsets, gastritis, gastric ulcer, nausea, and food poisoning;
  ? Successfully helps with kidney disease, frequent urination and urinary incontinence but before consumption of Noni the approval of the doctor is required in this case depending on the health of the patient
  ? Helps with haemorrhoids;
  ? It is widely and successfully used in the treatment of various infectious and inflammatory diseases (arthritis, gout, etc.)
  ? significantly improving the condition of patients, and also helps in the treatment of diseases of bones and joints;
  ? Successfully used for weight loss in obesity;
  ? It enhances sexual activity in men and women, increases sensuality and severity of pleasure during sexual intercourse;
  ? Noni stimulates the formation of T cells - important components of our immune system.
  ? Noni is a very strong antioxidant that removes free radicals (foreign and destructive elements of our body) that lead to a weak immune system, premature aging of the body and chronic diseases.
 ? With many addictions (alcohol, drugs and smoking), juice can be used for effective and gentle weaning
 ? It is used as a wound healing, by internal and external use
 ? Reduces the need for sleep and rest by increasing the efficiency of metabolism:
 ? Increases the desire to act and increases concentration.

 ???? Competitive differences of juice "Premium Noni" from NHT Global as compared with other brands of Noni

 ? A 6-step quality control system for the entire chain from fruit collection to delivery to the consumer personally

 ? NHTGlobal guarantees the customer that Noni juice is the most trustworthy and most tested product on the market.  At all points of the study, the fruit is checked for cleanliness, color, maturity. 
 ? NHT global Noni Juice is a naturally pure fruit juice without additives.  Noni juice originates in Tahiti - the birthplace of Noni.  This is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world.  Clean air, crystal water, rich in volcanic deposits of the earth are ideal for the Noni plant, saturated with nutrients

  ? It helps athletes recover faster after training, provides energy and essential nutrients, while at the same time it is completely safe: it does not contain doping and stimulants
  ? NHT global Noni juice is generally harmless, can be used safely by women during pregnancy as well. (Although in this case taking feedback from your physician is recommended)
  ? Noni juice can be given to infants from the first days of life.
  ? To function correctly and optimally, the human body needs a whole complex of vital nutrients.  The disadvantage of just one of them leads to a serious change in a large number of chemical processes within the body.  That is why it is so important to consume NHT global Noni juice

Instructions for use:

  -Before drinking Noni juice, you need to shake the bottle
  -Juice is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal or 2-3 hours after a meal.

Dosage:   [For preventive purposes]:

  Children (up to 16 years old) 15 ml in the morning
  Adults (from 16 years old) 30 ml in the morning
  The course of administration is from 3 to 6 months with a further continuation of the intake of juice after 3 months according to the preventive scheme.

Drug Interactions:

-Noni juice can be used along with other medicines.  In general, but informing your physician is required.
-Noni juice enhances the effect of most drugs, reducing treatment time.

 Storage conditions:

  Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.  After opening the bottle, store for 30 days at a temperature of 2-4 ° C.

 Shelf life:

  24 months in an uncorked bottle.  

Where to buy High quality Premium Noni at affordable lowest cost? 
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Post Your FREE Advertisement in the Best Global Classified Portal

Advertising is very much needed for internet marketing. If you want to sell any product or services online or offline, you have to post online advertisements in classified portals. Most online entrepreneurs who earn a 5 figure income or more set apart a portion of their earnings (huge money) for advertising their products and services. The more one advertises, the earnings also will be more.

But for internet marketing beginners and people who are new to online earning opportunities it is very difficult to spend any money on advertising. Without getting any income how can one spend on advertising? But the fact is that without advertising, you cannot expect any income.

There are some awesome advertising portals like Qwik Ad that offer and facilitates posting free ads on their portals. It is very ideal for small business owners and beginners who cannot afford any paid advertising. People can post Free ads easily with their referral links of their business, products or services here. There is absolutely no cost to post a FREE classified ad here.

But if you want to get more exposure and results for your ad, it is advisable to make your classified ad a featured one with a small cost. If you pay a little amount and make your ad a 'highlighted one', you can expect more results and sales and your income will boost up. Qwikad is offering a service through which an ad can be posted in 1070 world cities with one click for 60 days with a small $5.00. Very affordable and lowest cost indeed!

So post a free classified advertisement in and attain success in your online business venture. 

You can post anything and everything that is clean and legal here. Please check the portal once and try it once.

Friday, September 20, 2019, NO-Fail, Automatic Donation Getting Crowdfunding Portal

There is an amazing news for all the income seekers worldwide particularly those who are broken and badly in need of money immediately. There is an old saying, 'money is needed to make money'! According to that saying it is not possible for the poor to make money at all as they have no money. In such situations, Crowdfunding is a widely accepted norm these days for gathering donations for various needs of individuals or organizations. There are a number of crowdfunding portals available on the internet. But many of them are not serving the purposes as intended for one reason or the other.

Most of the crowdfunding portals collect the money and keep it until it reaches certain threshold. If crowdfunding is solicited for treatment purposes, by the time it attains the minimum threshold to request a withdrawal, the patient may not be alive and the purpose will not serve. Moreover, when the money reaches the beneficiary after service charges and deductions, it will be very less to meet the expected purpose!

In such conditions, Peer to Peer donations are widely recommended by the internet/network marketing experts. Because the admins or owners who run the portals do not levy any service charges or membership fees from the members. Instead, they get money and profits by running the portal from each and every member as they have many membership IDs reserved on the top. It does not affect the average member in any way. His advantage is that he is getting an opportunity to solicit donations from international like-minded persons and succeeds to some extend!

At this juncture, I am delighted to share the information about a new crowdfunding website with anyone who is also travelling in the same boat.
As I am working online to earn as much legit money as possible, with low out of pocket investment and with literally NO risk or work, for my personal / family needs and charity purposes, I invite like-minded responsible and charitable persons to take advantage of this 'innovative portal' with a free sophisticated 'fully automatic donation getting software' that will find prospective donors and get donations without one's knowledge or any hard effort!

What is its speciality of crowdfunding opportunity relaunched just few days ago in 2020.

Pays4ever seems very unique from the other CF websites. Here are some of the reasons why I joined it and am writing this review about it.

1. Free Registration (after registering join the FB group to see the real testimonies of average people who joined it and are receiving donations).

2. Low start-up cost. (If convinced, activate account by making a small donation of $5 to someone needy. Even if any member fails to get any donations...he/she can feel content that he/she has made a small help IE $5.00 to someone in need somewhere!)

3. Start receiving unlimited Donations within hours for the rest of your life without any referring. (You can install the 'fully automatic donation getting software' worth $1000s for free). Watch the video for instructions and guidelines. Depending upon the level, donations may pour-in in the tune of $5s..., $20s..., $50s..., $100s..., $500s..., $1000s... etc 

4. All donations are sent directly from 'person to person' instantly through PayPal. So there is no waiting/service charges/deductions for our money.

If you are interested, please take action now. Click the link below and register for free!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Low-cost, Easiest and Best Opportunity for Passive Work at Home Income

There is a belief in most people that internet is a good employer who helps to generate huge income with little or no investment and efforts. Hence there are millions of people world-wide who search the internet with a hope of finding some easy and simple earning opportunities that require no (or little) investment and less work.

It is a fact that there are many people who make a lot of money (unlimited passive income) through simple activities, working smartly leveraging the power of 'Network'. But to establish a wide network of internet marketers, one has to strive hard. And the ones who are successful today might have invested lot of time, energy, effort and ideas to build a powerful network of like minded persons who would work and indirectly help them earn huge residual (passive) income.

If you search Google or Yahoo for 'cheapest, easiest and best passive income opportunities', you will get tens of thousands of search results with many keywords such as 'guaranteed', '100%', 'very easy', 'free', etc. But after joining many such 'opportunities' only one will begin to understand that most of them will be unpractical and undoable. However hoping they would yield some results later, many people mainly newbies will use all their might and promote heavily these so called 'guaranteed' programs and fail to find any results. However their efforts and investment if any will be an advantage for the persons who referred them..!

There are several areas through which people can earn money. Blog writing, Affiliate Marketing, article writing, etc are some of them that enable one to earn some free money, with regular part-time work from home as a freelancer. To make passive money with only initial effort and some investment, many people join multilevel marketing and online matrix cyclers etc. These are also known as 'lazy men's work and 'average Joe's opportunity' etc.  It is important to find your 'niche' before entering in to any works. If you want to make internet marketing your main area of work, I suggest you to follow certain things in mind until you learn something.

1. See everything with suspicious eyes, particularly those offers that are too attractive and alluring to resist. (All that glitters is not gold). Now-days many scammers are using very beautiful scripts to make attractive websites to lure gullible people and cheat them. 

2. Don't believe in offers such as '$1000s per day free, without any investment'.. No one will give anything free unless he gains something bigger from it.

3. Don't invest any money (or more money) until you learn things to some extent.

4. If you want to join something with small investments, prefer onetime investment plans only. There are several opportunities that require monthly recurring investments. These are meant for veteran marketers (who have tools and network) and the amounts they receive every month also is very huge.

5. It will always be good if you join under an enthusiastic and dedicated leader to get benefited greatly from his/her work. 

Here I wish to present an earning opportunity by name which I have joined recently as it appears to be an affordable and risk-free one, and the earning potentiality is also very big. The plan seems to be unique and sustainable. Membership is completely free and the initial investment to become eligible to enter the matrix is a purchase of $5.00 advertising. And the beauty of the plan is that every member who buys $5.00 worth of ad pack will get back 3 power start bonus of $1.50 each totaling $4.50 credited in his/her account wallet. That means 90% of the investment is paid back instantly..!

The $5 purchase can be made with all major payment processors like PayPal, Payza, STP, Credit Card, Bitcoin etc. And earnings also can be withdrawn through any of these means of the member's choice.

There are different stages in it starting with $25 worth 'gold' pack. The other stages can be covered (through upgradation) with the earnings in the wallet. In the second stage the 'silver' pack can be brought with $20.00 from the earnings in the wallet. Here also $18.00 will be credited back to the wallet in the form of 'power start bonus'. As they assure earning to every member without any selling or sponsoring, in my opinion it is an ideal opportunity for all the online opportunity seekers. In the worst scenario of not achieving the goals or earn any money, the maximum risk will be only $25.00.

If you wish to join 10xbitcoin, you can click the below link and join by clicking 'get started now' button. As I am a dedicated worker, chances are there for all who join my power TEAM to get a lot of spill-over referrals and money.

Best Wishes and Happy Earning.

Monday, November 13, 2017

How to Become a USA Certified Hypnotist Online easily and fast?

Hypnosis is the state of consciousness through which a person loses the ability to act voluntarily by own inner self prompts and becomes responsive to suggestions or directions from external commands (others). 

Hypnotism means the science or study or practice of hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and 

A hypnotist is a person who has gained or acquired knowledge and skill to perform the mesmerizing art of hypnosis on others either for clinical treatment or for entertainment.

Sufficient knowledge of hypnosis and ability to perform hypnotism will be an added advantage for professionals like Teachers, Soft skills Trainers, Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Registered Medical Practitioners, Counsellors, Neuro-linguistic Programmers (NLP), Social workers, Pastors etc. There are many individuals also who are having a strong inclination to the science of hypnotism and wish to make it their career. As it is inconvenient and impractical for working people to attend physically a college or institute to get training, and the fees levied by most reputed certified hypnotism training centers and trainers is very high, many interested people are finding difficulty to fulfill  their wish becoming a certified hypnosis trainer.

Here is an amazing news for all category of persons interested to master the rare art of hypnotism and or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) easily and quickly online without going to any institutes or universities nor paying big fees. It is from the top International Academy of Hypnosis by name 'American Alliance of Hypnotists'. Online training materials and coaching will be given under the supervision of world-famous Hypnotic Practitioner Dr Steve G. Jones who has over 20 years of vast experience as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, both teaching hypnosis to tens of thousands of students and working with numerous clients including international celebrities. 

It is a great boon for all Hypnosis (Hypnotism) and NLP enthusiasts throughout the world. Thanks to this amazing online learning opportunity by Dr Steve G Jones, one can master the various levels of hypnotherapy sitting at the comfort of his home or office anywhere in the world, without wasting any money or missing other important works. To join this fabulous opportunity and become a basic or advanced master practitioner easily within a short time (hours), click the below link and join immediately.

Learn and Serve... Best Wishes for a Bright Career....!

Receive Direct M2M Crowdfunding! Start with only $5! Honest proven

Most online opportunities that assure 'guaranteed income' show its real colour after some time and prove to be a scam. So most...