Friday, August 2, 2013

Mizoram Direct marketing Limited (MDML) will Perform as Life Style Marketing Hereafter.

As the Mizoram Government has officially Disowned its involvement in the Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML), the Main promoters of the Project, Life Style Marketing is considering to run the show with its already Registered huge number of Distributors, who are willing to work with it to attain financial freedom.

Here is the Official Website of the Company 'Life Style Marketing' Private Limited.

All those distributors who Registered through the Pre-launch Position website ( can Login to their Accounts with the same User Name and Password.

They will be able to Login to their Back Office in the Website and check/edit their profile, view their referrals, activate their IDS with E-PINS in the e-wallet, withdrew amounts, buy products, etc.

Even though the Government of Mizoram has denied / withdrawn its share or partnership in this Direct Marketing Company, the Founders of Life Style Direct Marketing company, who are highly experienced in Multilevel / Network / Direct Marketing, and have a vision and mission of "Changing Lives in Styles" is committed to running this business legally and legitimately to the total satisfaction of its members and the consumers.

Those who want to Enter this greatest and Latest Multilevel Marketing Opportunity in India CAN Join the Power line and avail Powerleg support and possible spill over by Clicking the Link and Register as a Distributor.

(If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link: where the Distributor Registration form is available)

Sponsor:  4820038328  (Please copy and Paste)

Position :  Right

To become an active Distributor of 'MI Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd' and earn huge commissions for life you need to purchase only for Rs.1000/- worth products of your choice from the vast list of High Quality and International standard FMCG products at reasonable prices...!


  1. This company seems to be a good one.
    But there are only limited products.
    Will they introduce more FMCG products...?

    1. yes there are FMCG me at 07599102198 or email me at

    2. Golden Opportunity for MLM Lovers to be on the TOP.
      First time and Never again Opportunity.
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      Reputed Company low product cost. No monthly purchase needed.
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  2. Best Opportunity for the common man to become rich.

  3. is it? there is no short cut for being rich. hard work is the only key for success.

    1. Here one need not do any hard work at all to earn huge money.

      No lifting the mountains. No heavy time schedules.
      No need to go to any office. No over time works.

      Only a little bit of 'smart work'. Refer this opportunity to some others and help them refer for one or two levels. The power of MLM will do the rest.

      Do whenever and wherever one wants to do....!

    2. i already a member , i had recivied some coupons where should i buy the products around hyderabad

    3. i already a member , i had recivied some coupons where should i buy the products around hyderabad

    4. You can buy the products online and use the coupons in their respective stores.

      Don't for get to Join this Amazing and easiest way to become crorepati quickly with just Rs.120/-

    5. you can buy products from Indiashopee store in hyd or you can go to online at with your coupons.... for more contact

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  5. Harishchandra ThapliyalOctober 22, 2013 at 2:23 AM


  6. Best Opportunity for the common man to become rich.

  7. 9923393652 my co. no. plz halp mi


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