Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Telengana strikes have made Andhra Pradesh dark with power cuts...!

The ongoing strikes by the pro Telengana activists for a separate statehood has completely paralyzed the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. As the coal generation at Singareni collieries has come to a stand still, the coal required for the thermal power plants is not available and the power generation has reduced. As a result of this, the entire state is facing severe power cut.

Such crisis and situations are inevitable. They are beyond the control of anyone. Both the central and state governments could not do anything to bring this power crisis under their control. All the people of the state like farmers, infants, elderly, sick, students etc are tolerating the power shortage with murmuring and blaming others as they have no other go.

But some intelligent and wise people understand that such situations occur at times in life and depending always on the government or other companies for electricity power can cause dismay and discouragement.

These people started generating electric power energy at their own homes with a small power-station at very small one time investment. They are now not relying on anyone for the electricity they need, but they are generating their own power. They do not pay any monthly current bills any more. With a small one time investment, they are enjoying life long own electricity.

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