Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Paid to Click and View Ads for 30 seconds : FREE to join & Honest and oldest PTC:

Thousands of people wanting to make some FREE side income from the internet make searches for free money or work at/from home opportunities daily or online earning jobs. There are in fact thousands of websites that deceive these people's enthusiasm to make some free money. Many people even wonder whether PTCs (Paid to Click sites) really exist and pay its members.  

The answer is Yes but only few. There are many website owners who want to advertise their sites. These owners look for genuine sites that advertise their products or services to people really interested in them. They pay certain amount to the sites that advertise their links. To cheat these advertisers a number of so called paid to click sites are mushrooming daily. They do not give any physical address or proper contact information. I strongly advise the advertisers and members not to fall in their traps.

Where as genuine PTC sites like clixsense, etc collect a nominal charge from the advertisers and pay 1 or 2 cents to its honest members for viewing these ads for 3o seconds. Clixsense is proven and continue to pay since its inception. One can earn more money freely through this site, if capable of joining more people with the referral link provided to them by the company after successful free Registration (joining).

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  5. The top things about Clixsense's Get Paid To Click Program:
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