Tuesday, September 10, 2013

www.Nmart.co.in Nmart Multilevel Marketing Company Stores are Re-opening in phases...!

Nmart Direct Marketing (Network marketing) Company was a trend setter in the field of Multilevel Marketing Business in India. Even though a large number of MLM companies, ranging from small local companies to large multinational companies introduced and established their mlm business in India, Nmart was very much different from all of them with a unique and acceptable business plan with real and useful FMCG daily used Products by every one in the country.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

MI Lifestyle Direct Marketing Company Launched. MLM Lovers can JOIN the power team Now and Attain total Financial Freedom...!

The brain behind the proposed launch of 'Mizoram Direct marketing Limited', Lifestyle Marketing Company Private Limited has launched with the most innovative FMCG Products and a very powerful and unique Business plan. Now those people who are seeking for a dependable and sustainable opportunity to earn unlimited income with some 'smart work' utilizing the power of 'Network Marketing' are welcome.

MDML (Mizoram Direct marketing Limited)  could not materialize as expected, due to some technical problems. However, the promoters of Mizo Direct who are well-versed in Multilevel Marketing have decided to launch the functioning of the company with strong and legitimate steps to run it as the BEST Networking business opportunity now in India.

Those who Registered with www.PrelaunchPosition.com website can now login to their Back Office with the same User Name and Password. When Prelaunchposition web site is clicked, automatically it takes you to the New Web site of our Company. 

You can Click the below link to visit the website here:


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After successful Registration, one can activate the membership and  earn huge commissions for life by purchasing only for Rs.1000/- worth products of one's choice from the vast list of High Quality and International standard FMCG products at reasonable prices...!

Thanks and Best wishes to all who are in our team, 'to help to be helped' and we wish you a Happy Earning and a Bright financial future.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mizoram Direct marketing Limited (MDML) will Perform as Life Style Marketing Hereafter. www.Lifestylemarketing.co.in

As the Mizoram Government has officially Disowned its involvement in the Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML), the Main promoters of the Project, Life Style Marketing is considering to run the show with its already Registered huge number of Distributors, who are willing to work with it to attain financial freedom.

Here is the Official Website of the Company 'Life Style Marketing' Private Limited.


All those distributors who Registered through the Pre-launch Position website (http://www.prelaunchposition.com/) can Login to their Accounts with the same User Name and Password.

They will be able to Login to their Back Office in the Website http://lifestylemarketing.co.in/soon and check/edit their profile, view their referrals, activate their IDS with E-PINS in the e-wallet, withdrew amounts, buy products, etc.

Even though the Government of Mizoram has denied / withdrawn its share or partnership in this Direct Marketing Company, the Founders of Life Style Direct Marketing company, who are highly experienced in Multilevel / Network / Direct Marketing, and have a vision and mission of "Changing Lives in Styles" is committed to running this business legally and legitimately to the total satisfaction of its members and the consumers.

Those who want to Enter this greatest and Latest Multilevel Marketing Opportunity in India CAN Join the Power line and avail Powerleg support and possible spill over by Clicking the Link and Register as a Distributor.


(If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link: where the Distributor Registration form is available)


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To become an active Distributor of 'MI Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd' and earn huge commissions for life you need to purchase only for Rs.1000/- worth products of your choice from the vast list of High Quality and International standard FMCG products at reasonable prices...!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML) is Not Governemnts Own company but Principal Secretary's.

There is some latest information about the New MLM / Direct Marketing Company hugely advertised to be from the State Government of Mizoram. 

It may be a disappointing news for some but some others may not be much worried about it.

Though a large number of People who were in search of a reliable Opportunity to earn some reasonable income, with an affordable small investment, working 'smartly' with the help and support of the members of a team (through Net Work Marketing), there was some 'uncertainty' among all who registered in the Pre-Launch period to get a top position.

Though the Company, which was said to be directly from the Mizoram Government, officially launched in Kolkata on July 18th, with the Principal Secretary of the State industries department as the CEO, there was no coverage of the launching by leading print and electronic media of the country.

Added to this, the Company's Official website  http://www.mizodirect.mizoram.gov.in/ which was displaying a link for the Prelaunch Registration (http://www.prelaunchposition.com/Earners), also became unavailable since the Mega Launching of the Company. This created little doubt in the minds of those ordinary members who already Registered with the company and and were waiting for additional information.

However, those who Registered and became a Member of the Unique Company MDML feel that the Business plan, the Products, Product Cost, Income Earning possibility, etc are all, the best in India, when compared to other Multilevel marketing Business Opportunities. Many People are not concerned about the ownership of the company ie whether it is from the Government or not....because many feel and know that, even if it is NOT from the Government, it is NOT at all illegal...!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML) the Official MLM Company of Mizo Government Officially LAUNCHED in Kolkatta...!

Launching Mizoram Direct Kolkata
At last the anxious wait of thousands of People who were looking for a genuine, dependable and sustainable Multilevel Marketing Opportunity in India to do Business at their convenience and Earn some Legitimate Money to fulfil their dreams is Over.

As announced earlier, For the first time in the History of India, Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML) a Direct Marketing Company wholly owned and operated by the Government of Mizoram Launched in Kolkata on 19th July, 2013.The Mega Official Launch was attended by Many Top Government Officials and Celebrities. 

Mr. Pachuau Lallawn Sanga,
Principal Secretary, (Department of Industries) Govt. Of MIZORAM is appointed as the CMD of the company.

The Launching of an MLM Company Directly by a State Government at a time when Multilevel Marketing Companies in India including Major Global MLM Giants like Amway is hunted, harassed and arrested by the police of some Indian States is note worthy. This has increased the confidence and a security feeling among the millions of  MLM Lovers, who have tasted or understood the power of Network Marketing and leverage time and effort using that of others.

MLM also known as Net Work Marketing or Direct Marketing is a boon to those people who want to earn huge money by working 'smartly' - not 'hardly' with a minimal and affordable product cost. 

Those who want to JOIN at the top of this Opportunity and Earn huge income for LIFE with the support of A Powerful Team Helping each other and avail power leg may Register Below Immediately.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mizoram State Government Direct Marketing Limited (Multi Level / Net Work Marketing Opportunity) Golden Opportunity, Earn huge Money.

For the First time in Indian history, Mizoram- an Indian State Government 
has come forward boldly to introduce a Multi-level Marketing / Network Marketing Scheme to enable Huge Income Earning opportunity for unemployed persons and all those Indian People who want to earn sustainable income for life with very small investment (Star-up Cost / Product Cost) and a little 'smart work'...!

This is providing a very good opportunity for all those people who love MLM and want to earn money which they can never earn in any other ways, but only through the power of Network Leverage...!

It is worthy to be mentioned that at a time when the Home ministry is actively considering to bring about some amendments in the Direct selling / multilevel Marketing laws, a State has introduced its own Direct Selling Opportunity to market high quality Products at reasonable Prices without the involvement of any middle-men like super-stockists, whole sale Marketers, Commission Agents etc.

It is considered as a boon for all those who want to utilize the Power of Network marketing to Earn huge income with very less investment, leveraging the work of others in the team without any FEAR of harassment from any police or other officials....!

In network field, People can earn more only by helping others...!

Now it is in the Pre-launch, and Leaders and Lovers of MLM are encouraged to Lock-in their TOP Position and build-up their TEAM before the Official launch of the Business On July 18, 2013...!

Please Visit the Official Mizoram State Government's Direct Selling Website for the Plan, Products, Prelaunch Procedure, Price list, Coupon MRP and BV etc.


(Note: The Website may be little slow due to overhits...)

Those who want  to Register by Themselves, Please Click the Below Link and Register Immediately and Start Building Your Team...!


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Monday, March 18, 2013

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In some cases some MLM opportunity providers vanish with the money of its members and put them in great trouble causing to damage their face value.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

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There are scores of people who search for genuine and honest  opportunities to make FREE Money online from their homes, without any investment.

Most of these income seekers search the internet for simple and genuine methods / ways to make some free money online but fall prey to the false promises of selfish people who make these people work under them for actually no gain...!

There are many things one needs to learn and understand before getting ready to make money online. While many programs ask you for some initial investment, there are numerous sites that offer FREE Money for JOINING their sites and visiting the websites published in them. 

While there are thousands and thousands of websites that offer FREE Money, 99% of them are SCAMS / CHEATING sites. Some run for few days or months and disappear suddenly. 

At the same time there are some sites that not only offer, but pay their honest members for various activities. 

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